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Welcome to Manningtree,
a gateway to Constable country and more...

As England’s smallest town – at just over 19 hectares – Manningtree is small but packs in a great deal for residents and visitors alike. Perhaps Manningtree is best known to the outside traveler by the railway station on the main London to Norwich line, but the most familiar landmark to the local traveler is Mistley Towers. The Towers, the surviving remnants of a fine 18th-century church, are most noticed and best remembered. But the area can be traced back much further – with stories of Romans, Shakespeare, witches, aristocrats, industry and the areas oldest resident "Old Knobbley" – all this can be found here on Visit-Manningtree.

Have a browse around the site or download the flyer and you will learn more of the incredible history and notable claims to fame that are all packed into a very small package – welcome to Manningtree.


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