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Popular movie inspired slot machines

Like everything else, movies also have their life cycle. When a new movie is created, it is first shown in the theaters, and then released to home media, then pay-per-view and finally network television.

So, we can conclude that the life cycle of a movie starts on big screens and ends on smaller ones. This is true since they are first shown on theater screens and finally on smartphone screens. Streaming is not the only way that movies end up on the smallest screens; there are much more ways.

Let’s take the case of these films that were rejuvenated as video slot machines in Vegas Palms Online Casino.

Although Jurassic Park hit the screens in the 1990s, it is still remembered to date. The movie was directed by Stephen Spielberg and was based on a novel written by Michael Crichton, which had the same title. Ever heard of a significant scientific breakthrough that goes terribly wrong? If not, then you have no watched Jurassic Park yet. After the science discovery goes haywire, the lives of those involved directly, alongside that of the universe are in danger.

Jurassic Park may seem like just a movie, but that is not the case. The movie sort of “resurrected” dinosaurs; it made them famous again. It was not until two decades later than a film worth of Jurassic Park to be released. Its release was heralded by the launching of a slot machine revitalizing the original version at the Vegas Palms casino.

Till date, the Jurassic Park slot machine is one of the most popular at the Vegas Palms since its release in 2014. Just like in the movie, the machine pays close attention to the dinosaurs, and not the actors. All its features are somewhat connected to dinosaurs.

Judgment day marked the highest point for the Terminator franchise. It was released in 1991 and scooped four Oscars. Currently, it holds the 41st position on all-times top movies list by IMDb.

Since the release of judgment day, the Terminator franchise has been going downhill. No other film in that series has ever matched the kind of success that Terminator did. This is probably why Vegas Palm players were excited to play the game after it was released.

After hitting the casino, the Terminator 2 slot machine became popular instantly. Until now, the slot machine is one of the most loved games by the players.

If you have never watched the Bridesmaids and are imagining that it is a girlie flick, you may not be further from the truth. Considering how widely accepted the movie was, it is not surprising that it was nominated twice for the Oscars.

The slot machine that is inspired by bridesmaids has the close resemblance to the movie. The game film was released in 2015 and is filled with girlie stuff such as flowers and ribbons. However, underneath it lies a game that every other slot machine fans would wish for. It has lots of bonuses, side games, and tons of other unique features.

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Slot Machines: An Inside Look At How Slot Bonuses Work

scatter bonusSlot machines have gained a tremendous amount of popularity over the past few years. It is fair to say that slots are the most popular game in land-based casinos and online casinos. Casinos continue to develop methods that will entice players to play slots for a longer period of time. This is why they created multi-line bonus games.

Developed in Australia, multi-line bonus games came to the United States in 1996. Unlike the traditional 3-wheel with a single-payline format, multi-line bonus games offer 25 exciting paylines and up to 5 reels. Players can get a payout going horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Multi-line slots have more symbols, and each symbol has a different value. It is vital to point out that most multi-line bonus games are video slots in land-based casinos.

Multi-line bonus slots have noticeable symbols called “Scatter Symbols“. Scatter symbols unlock a special bonus round where the player tries their luck at a mini-game. The player can get bonus prices without putting their money at risk. Scatter symbols do not have to in the active payline to be accounted for. Casinos wisely use bonuses to entice players to keep playing the game.

Slot bonuses come in various forms. They can be extra coins for betting, free points (if you are participating in a point-based tournament), free spins, and much more. Bonuses give players a chance to maximize their earnings, but almost everyone loses in the long run. This is why many experienced slots players monitor their time while playing.

The scatter symbols unlock different types of bonus rounds. In some instances, three to five objects will appear on the screen. The player has to select one, and get the bonus associated with that object. In some other cases, a scatter symbol for a free spin will appear, and you will automatically receive a free spin without playing a bonus game. Another popular bonus game is the matching game. A grid will appear with hidden symbols, and you will get a bonus if you can match the two symbols.

Some bonuses come in the form of banking. Players receive bonuses throughout the game and bank them instead of using them. The bonuses are totaled and paid out once the player reaches a certain goal. With this unique system, casinos reward players for playing the game for a longer period. Bonus games are more complicated in online slots. They normally share a theme with the slot and have exceptional gameplay. Some examples are baseball-themes games and boxing themed games.

Multi-line bonus games attract people from all walks of life. This is one of the main reasons why they continue to grow in popularity. Getting free stuff from slots is one incentive that players find hard to ignore. Hitting bonuses put players in position to recoup their money, and they also make players feel that they have accomplished something.